Book Drive - MLK Service Project

It's not too late to participate in the Arisia MLK Service Project!  We are donating requested books to 826 Boston, a literacy and writing charity that provides free services to underserved Boston Public School Students.  Students are already reading books donated so far! To donate online, go to and donate books that can be shipped directly to 826 Boston.  We collected 14 books at Arisia and 11 books were purchased online. We still need 21 books to complete their gift list.  Thanks to all who have donated!

Arisia 2020 is hosting a book drive. This is a Martin Luther King Service Project to benefit 826 Boston, a literacy and writing charity which works free of charge with underserved Boston Public School students from early elementary school to age 18. They publish and sell books of their students' writing. Their current writing prompt is Bigfoot.

They have given us a list of new books they would like to obtain, and the quantity of each title needed. You can sign up now to donate specific new books.

After you've obtained the books, bring them to Arisia. On Saturday and Sunday afternoon there will be a box marked MLK Arisia Service Project Book Donations located near the Fan Tables on the Mezzanine (3W) where you can put your donated books.

If you have books to donate on Monday, drop by the Celebrating Dr. King event at 10 am in Lewis (3E).

While some books are readily available at bookstores, others, such as Spanish language editions, may need to be ordered ahead of time. You can order books at the above URL and have them shipped directly to 826 Boston. Those books do not have to arrive before the con. Books left in the donation box at Arisia will be delivered to 826 Boston's office in Roxbury in the weeks following the con.

The staff at 826 Boston are excited and thankful for your book donations!

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