Attend a Meeting

Attending a Convention Committee (ConCom) meeting is a great place to start helping Arisia. These monthly planning meetings are where we check in about the progress we've made toward this year's Arisia. ConCom meetings are always open to the public, and many Arisia staffers started out by attending one. Whether this is your first Arisia, or you've been coming for twenty years, we'd love to have you join the team.

Arisia ConCom meetings are hosted in the Boston area, often at the hotel. People usually start arriving 10 minutes before the meeting, and the meeting typically is called to order 5 to 10 minutes after the listed start time. These are fairly informal meetings, with an agenda set by the moderator. These meetings often run for 1.5 to 2 hours, and we encourage you to stay after they end so that you can meet Arisia staff and expand your fandom network.

We stream ConCom meetings via GoToMeeting (software install may be required). Check out the appropriate meeting link at the specified time to follow along, and use chat to ask questions and have them relayed to the rest of the meeting. You can contact @email if you have any difficulty accessing the stream.

During the convention itself there will be feedback sessions and an Arisia Corporate meeting. Both are open to all attendees and we encourage you to stop by and participate.

Upcoming meetings

For hotel directions and parking information please see our full pages:

Important: Please be aware that the Red, Green, and Orange lines may not be running on weekends through the end of 2019. See this article (…) for more information. This is especially relevant if you plan to attend Arisia staff or volunteer meetings that fall on a weekend day.

At-Convention meetings:

  • Saturday 1PM Beacon Hill - Feedback Session #1
  • Sunday 10AM Clarendon - Arisia Corporate Meeting
  • Monday 2:30PM - Feedback Session #2

These and other Arisia meetings can be found at the Arisia Corporation calendar.