Progress Report #2 - October 2019

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Arisia Progress Report #2
October 2019

New England's Largest, Most Diverse Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention
Arisia 2020
Jan 17-20 2020
Westin Boston Waterfront
Arisia has people with compromised immune systems who attend meetings and the convention. Do your part help protect all members of the community. The CDC's website provides more information.
Featured Guest of Honor: Arthur Chu
A Fan Guest of Honor is someone who has contributed to fandom in a way we want to recognize. Often this is someone who has volunteered a lot, run conventions, worked behind the scenes, or has contributed to the improvement of Fandom in other ways. Our Fan Guest of Honor fits a number of these categories but most specifically the last one. Diana Hsu has this to say about why she asked Arthur Chu to be our Fan Guest of Honor: "I first heard of Arthur Chu because people were mad at him for being smart on TV in a way they didn't like. When I heard of him again, people were mad at him again because he was being smart on the Internet in ways they didn't like. A lot of my life has been about keeping quiet and trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. Seeing someone I could identify with being loud and playing the game on his terms spoke to me on a deep level. His voice was a very welcome one to me during the "Puppygate" uproar. I value people who are willing to be critical of the things they love in order to make them better. I admire his determination to keep speaking out and am proud and pleased that he will be Arisia 2020's Fan Guest of Honor."  Arthur's actions are what many of aspire to do: speaking up in the face of resistance, calling things out that are not ok, and being willing to take a stand for what changes you want to see in this world. With that in mind we have asked and Arthur has agreed to help us keep that conversation going.
Plenty of rooms are still available at the Westin and Aloft! Reserve your room!

Room Rates:
Westin 1 King Bed $177/night
Westin 2 Double Beds $199/night
Aloft King or Two Queen $169/night
New registration rates:
$65 10/1 through 12/31
$75 After 12/31 and at-door
Party registration is open and our first hosts are on board, including the House of Toast and a "Saturday morning cartoons"-themed party. Details are at, including the option to upgrade to a suite if you want (not required).
Drop our Party Czar a line if you’ve been thinking about hosting and aren’t sure - she is a veteran host and is happy to brainstorm with you about working your themes, tips, and tricks- Party hosts: they make the fun happen!
Arisia is run by fans for fans, and you can help out in big and small ways. Visit our Help Wanted page to see the list of positions available. Want to volunteer but don't see anything that piques your interest? Fill out the volunteer sign-up form and we'll do our best to match your skills and interests with available volunteer opportunities. You have questions? We have answers: email us.
Events scheduling is underway with a range of new and returning activities. Any volunteers who can put together smooth dance and music tracks, please contact Events.

Masquerade is looking for a stage manager and more staff. Volunteers can email James Hinsey.  Participants should use the now-live sign up form.
Duck Hunt
The Duck Hunt is a longstanding Arisia tradition. Throughout the weekend, if you're observant, you may find a rubber duck. If you find one, you have won!  Find the turn-in at the Volunteers table and you may trade your duck for a cool prize - prize list coming soon - or, if you choose, keep the duck you have captured. Ducks like water and shady places to rest, but you'll never have to move any hotel furniture, climb anything, or go into restricted spaces to find them. Please don't mess with any part of the hotel in your hunt for the ducks. The Arisia Duck Hunt is for children of all ages, 0-99, so keep your eyes open.
Games and LARPs
LARPs Shattered Antiquities, Boston's Mind's Eye Society domain, will once again bring their live-action games of Vampire: the Masquerade and Werewolf: the Apocalypse to Arisia. We're still looking for more events — if you've got a LARP you'd like to run, write to us and let us know. We'll be finalizing our space allocation by the last week of October, so the sooner the better!

Video gaming needs you! Arisia will be running the video game room in-house this year and, we are looking for two different types of volunteers:
  • People to run content (ages 10+) (things like tournaments or speed runs or co-op battles)
  • Adults (20+) to supervise the space. Must be comfortable supervising gamers of all ages.
Please email us if you or your child or both of you are interested!

Tabletop Gaming is looking for people to run games for us! Please fill out the form on the website.
At A'20, Paper Pocket Programs will NOT be distributed. But there are options.
  • The program is available through the app Guidebook on your app-capable smart device. With it you can browse our programming listings, mark the items you want to attend, and will remind you what is upcoming. Bonus: It will even tell you if you have a schedule conflict! Detailed instructions on getting started with GuideBook will be on the Arisia website.
  • There will be a PDF of the Pocket Program downloadable from the website around New Year's, so you can print it yourself at home.
  • Come to Con Suite where you can view a reference copy.
To request a large print and Braille versions of the Pocket Program, contact Access. Printed Program Grids will be available.

Also, this year, Arisia will not be publishing a Restaurant Guide. Boston is a tourist city, and thus abundant resources exist on-line for you to research dining options. For last-minute fun dining suggestions, if you don't have Yelp! or the equivalent on your phone, ask the hotel concierge.

Arisia publications will reach an audience with diverse interests in books, arts, gaming, science and technology, films, TV, and other media, as well as related activities such as music and costuming. Most print ads appear in the Souvenir Book, professionally offset-printed on white 60 lb. text stock with a glossy cover and both B&W and color pages. Attendees tend to retain the Souvenir Book long-term. Visit the Arisia Publications Page with a link to the ads section of Arisia website.
Contact @email before November 15 to place your ad.

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