Information for Professionals

Arisia'20 is over. Please visit the new convention site:

I am a professional author, artist, editor, maker, or publisher. How could I get involved with Arisia?

We love to have experts from many areas speak on our programming. If you are interested in being a program participant, please see our program participation page.

Arisia is a non-profit convention and can not offer any general participants a per-diem, hotel accommodations or other forms of reimbursement other than Green Room access and registration. For further information on these topics, contact @email.

If you would like to display and sell your work at Arisia, consider the Art Show or Dealers Room.

Finally, there is the Creators' Corner where artists and authors can rent a table to promote their own work at the convention. These slots tend to be longer than signings and there has historically been a small fee attached. You can contact @email for more information and to sign up for notification once this area starts accepting applications for this year.

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