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Friday 4:00pm Tenchi Universe (Episodes 1–4)
Friday 5:45pm FLCL Part 1 (Episodes 1–3)
Saturday 12:00pm Mushi-shi
Saturday 2:00pm FLCL Part 2 (Episodes 4–6)
Sunday 12:30pm The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Sunday 2:15pm Outlaw Star
Monday 9:30am Tenchi Universe (Episodes 5–8)

Art & Maker

Friday 8:30pm Materials of the Medium
Friday 8:30pm Drop in Coloring
Friday 10:00pm Art Show Reception
Saturday 10:00am Kristina Carroll, Putting Yourself into Art
Saturday 1:00pm Tools for Computer and Console Game Development
Saturday 1:00pm Directors’ Tour of the Art Show
Saturday 2:30pm Photographing Respectfully
Saturday 4:00pm Tactile Tour of the Art Show
Saturday 5:30pm So You Want to Show Your Art (Beyond Arisia)
Saturday 5:30pm Kristina Carroll Tour of the Art Show
Saturday 7:00pm Art Show- Open House for Fans with Disabilities
Sunday 10:00am Ask a Maker
Sunday 11:30am The State of Microcontrollers
Sunday 1:00pm Kid-Friendly Maker Projects
Sunday 2:30pm Lighting It Up: Adding Sparkle to Your Projects
Sunday 4:00pm Drop in Coloring and Crafting
Sunday 4:00pm Designing the Impossible
Sunday 5:30pm You’ve Been Framed! Framing Tips for Artists
Monday 10:00am Making Space for Making
Monday 10:00am Drawing Demo- Charcoal
Monday 11:30am Creating Cover Art


Friday 7:00pm Vertigo: The Wake
Friday 10:00pm Its Time to Worry—The End of MAD
Friday 11:30pm Whips, chains, & capes: Superheroes & Kink (18+)
Saturday 11:30am For a Brighter Future: The Return of the Legion
Saturday 1:00pm Wonder Woman: Past, Future and Beyond
Saturday 2:30pm Batman: 80 Years in the Shadow of the Bat
Saturday 4:00pm The George Perez Retrospective
Saturday 5:30pm Graphic Headlines: Comics as Journalism
Saturday 7:00pm Praise the Dead: The End of WicDiv
Sunday 10:00am Current Events in Comics
Sunday 11:30am Branching out from the Big Two
Sunday 4:00pm Make it GAYER! Queering Up Comics
Monday 10:00am Stan Lee Retrospective
Monday 11:30am See You in the Funny Pages! Humor Comics
Monday 1:00pm Relativism and the Superhero
Monday 2:30pm How Important is Continuity in Comics?


Friday 5:30pm Fandom and Disability
Friday 7:00pm Polyamory Basics
Friday 8:30pm Sexuality and Gender Trends in Acceptance
Friday 10:00pm BDSM for ALL (18+)
Saturday 10:00am Inclusive Feminism
Saturday 1:00pm Is This Right for My Kid?
Saturday 1:00pm How to Be Inclusive
Saturday 1:00pm Trans and Nonbinary Skill Share
Saturday 2:30pm Manners, Discourse and Privilege
Saturday 4:00pm Fans on the Spectrum
Saturday 8:30pm Shame on Slut-Shaming
Saturday 10:00pm How do I Live This Life?
Sunday 1:00pm Raising Future Adults
Sunday 1:00pm Proper Pronouns Matter
Sunday 5:30pm Relationship Basics
Sunday 7:00pm Kink your Fandom (18+)
Sunday 7:00pm Effective Advocacy for Geeks
Sunday 8:30pm Polyamory in Theory and Practice
Sunday 10:00pm Introduction to Kink (18+)
Monday 10:00am Celebrating Dr. King
Monday 10:00am Teaching Consent
Monday 11:30am Ask a Trans Person
Monday 1:00pm Sex Talk: In & Out of the Bedroom (18+)


Saturday 11:30am Saturday Feedback Sessions
Sunday 1:00pm Arisia January Corporate Meeting
Monday 2:30pm Monday Feedback Session

Cosplay & Costuming

Friday 5:30pm First Steps for New Costumers
Friday 7:00pm How do I do the thing?
Saturday 10:00am Using, Making, and Modifying Sewing Patterns
Saturday 10:00am Saturday Masquerade Rehearsal
Saturday 11:30am Prop Weapons for Costumers
Saturday 1:00pm Using Basic Electronics in Costumes
Saturday 2:30pm Cross-Cultural Costuming
Saturday 4:00pm Getting Into Character
Saturday 5:30pm Judging and Being Judged in Costume Contests
Sunday 10:00am Northern Lights Costumers Guild Meeting
Sunday 11:30am Superhero Costuming
Sunday 1:00pm Gender-Variant Cosplay
Sunday 2:00pm Sunday Masquerade Rehearsal
Sunday 2:30pm Costuming and Movement
Sunday 7:00pm Masquerade Doors Open
Sunday 8:00pm Masquerade
Sunday 11:00pm Masquerade Awards
Monday 10:00am Masquerade Show and Tell
Monday 1:00pm Costuming on a Budget
Monday 2:30pm Finding Closure


Friday 10:00pm Chronomancy: A 20th Century Dance Party
Saturday 10:00am Family Friendly Renaissance Dance
Saturday 2:00pm SCA Renaissance Ball
Saturday 6:00pm Geeky Belly Dance
Saturday 7:30pm English Country Dance
Saturday 11:00pm Arisia Saturday Night Dance
Sunday 1:00pm Feed Your Inner Demons—A Journey Dance
Sunday 4:00pm Swing Dance Lesson
Sunday 5:00pm Swing Dance
Sunday 7:00pm Fusion Fantasy—Dance Lesson
Sunday 8:00pm Fusion Fantasy—Dance Party

Fan Interest

Friday 5:30pm Introduction to Makeup
Friday 7:00pm Linguistic Experimentation and Evolution
Friday 8:00pm Open Fencing
Friday 8:30pm Comfort Food TV: Baking and Cooking Shows
Saturday 10:00am How to Be A Good Fan of Problematic Things
Saturday 11:00am Massachusetts Bay Colony 1630 Pike & Shot Drill
Saturday 11:30am From Menstruation to Menopause
Saturday 12:00pm The Martial Arts of A Game of Thrones
Saturday 1:00pm Fractured Selves: Dis-embodied Identity in SF
Saturday 2:00pm The Cutting Truth of the Sword
Saturday 2:30pm Fantastic Beasts and How to Heal Them
Saturday 3:30pm En Garde! SCA Rapier Fencing Demo
Saturday 4:00pm So you want to start a con...
Saturday 4:00pm Boston Lightsaber presents Jedi High School
Saturday 5:30pm Diversity in History
Saturday 7:00pm Walk the Labyrinth
Saturday 8:30pm Hope is not a Business Plan
Sunday 10:00am Trains in Space
Sunday 11:00am Steampunk Martial Arts
Sunday 11:00am Walk the Labyrinth
Sunday 11:30am Celebrating 100 Years of the 19th Amendment
Sunday 12:00pm Duels to Daggers: Combat in Renaissance Italy
Sunday 1:00pm Fanfiction Festival
Sunday 1:00pm Cloak & Dagger: Techniques of Achille Marozzo
Sunday 2:00pm Fighting with Swords!
Sunday 3:30pm Teen Sword Fighting
Sunday 5:30pm Super Awesome Advice Panel!
Sunday 7:00pm Fanfiction from Fandom to Fandom
Sunday 8:30pm Ramble On: Sci-Fi and Fantasy in Rock and Roll
Monday 10:00am Arisia RC Raceway
Monday 11:30am Splendid Teapot Racing
Monday 1:00pm Organizing a Successful Geek Group

Fast Track

Friday 5:30pm Open Play Time
Saturday 8:30am Geeky Play Date
Saturday 10:00am Make Your Own Wings
Saturday 10:00am Duct Tape Roses
Saturday 10:00am Swords of Chivalry
Saturday 10:00am I’ve Got All the Balls in the Air, Now What?
Saturday 1:00pm An Introduction to Magic: The Gathering
Saturday 1:00pm Science Experiments
Saturday 1:00pm Project Cosplay
Saturday 1:00pm Magic Show: Daniel Dern
Saturday 2:30pm Wand Making Workshop
Saturday 2:30pm Cartooning & Comic Creating
Saturday 2:30pm All About Poi
Saturday 4:00pm Fun With Card Games
Saturday 4:00pm Mask Making
Saturday 4:00pm Dern Grim Bedtime Tales & Other Stories
Sunday 8:30am Geeky Play Date
Sunday 10:00am Short Story Contest
Sunday 10:00am Tubular friendship bracelet weaving
Sunday 10:00am Collectible Card Games
Sunday 10:00am Swords of Chivalry
Sunday 10:00am Improv Theater Games For Kids
Sunday 1:00pm What Do You Mean, 10 and Up?
Sunday 1:00pm Make your own Slime!
Sunday 1:00pm Project Cosplay: Props & Accessories
Sunday 1:00pm Learn a Bit of Karate
Sunday 2:30pm Spoon-A-Pults
Sunday 2:30pm Children’s Filk Concert
Sunday 4:00pm Learn to Knit
Sunday 4:00pm Balloon Cars
Sunday 4:00pm Beyond Hogwarts: A Young Fan’s Reading List
Sunday 4:00pm Capture the Pokemon
Monday 8:30am Geeky Play Date
Monday 10:00am Papercraft Workshop
Monday 10:00am Pokemon TCG
Monday 10:00am Quilting Basics
Monday 10:00am Swords of Chivalry
Monday 10:00am Classic Playground Games
Monday 11:30am Paper Rocket War
Monday 11:30am Last Day Open Play


Friday 5:30pm 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before My First LARP
Friday 7:00pm The GM-less Game
Friday 8:30pm On Chainmail Bikinis and Succubi: Gender and D&D
Saturday 10:00am NERF WAR- Kids Edition
Saturday 2:30pm Worldbuilding in RPG Settings
Saturday 4:00pm Cooperative Games
Saturday 5:30pm Improving the Plot in Your RPG
Saturday 7:00pm Harassment, Missing Stairs and Safety in LARP
Saturday 8:30pm Legacy Games
Sunday 2:30pm Crowdfunding and Tabletop Gaming
Sunday 4:00pm The Year in Games
Sunday 5:30pm What RPG Class is Your Favorite Character/Team?
Sunday 7:00pm Playing the Other
Sunday 8:30pm The Hacker’s Guide to D&D
Monday 10:00am NERF Gun War
Monday 11:30am Creating a LARP: Getting it From Idea to Reality
Monday 1:00pm Rhythm Gaming Through The Years


Friday 5:00pm Ogre board game
Saturday 10:00am Leaf Me Alone
Saturday 12:00pm Wacky Max 1968
Saturday 1:00pm MtG Cube Draft
Saturday 1:00pm Buy the Vote!
Saturday 2:00pm Lords of Waterdeep
Saturday 6:00pm MtG Channeled Cube Draft
Saturday 7:00pm Arkham Horror (original)
Sunday 9:00am MtG Cube Draft
Sunday 10:00am Bearly Asleep
Sunday 1:00pm Speed Circuit
Sunday 1:00pm Ogre board game
Sunday 4:00pm Pie Rats and Pitman
Sunday 4:00pm Pokemon TCG—Learn to Play and Tournament
Sunday 6:00pm Buy the Vote!
Sunday 7:00pm Axis and Allies and Zombies
Sunday 10:00pm Arkham Horror: A Night of Mayhem (18+)
Monday 10:00am Buy the Vote!
Monday 10:00am MtG Unstable Cube Draft
Monday 1:00pm Card-Z: a zombie survival card game
Monday 1:00pm Pokemon TCG Cube Draft


Friday 7:00pm Ultimate Are You a Werewolf?
Saturday 5:30pm Mind’s Eye Society-Changeling: the Lost 2E
Sunday 2:30pm Mind’s Eye Society: Werewolf
Sunday 7:00pm Mind’s Eye Society: Vampire
Monday 11:30am Ex Arcana – Memphis

Gaming—Tabletop RPG

Friday 3:00pm THE ALCUBIERRE (Star Trek Adventures)
Friday 6:00pm The Green Dragon of Bywater (The One Ring)
Friday 6:00pm Living Arcanis 5E Intro Adventure: Taboo
Friday 6:00pm Pathfinder Organized Play: The Emerald Spire
Friday 6:00pm Pathfinder Organized Play: Quests
Friday 6:00pm Pathfinder/Starblazer Organized Play
Friday 6:00pm Starfinder/Pathfinder organized play
Friday 7:00pm An evening with Troika
Friday 7:00pm Utlima Foran: Dead in Venice (Savage Worlds)
Friday 7:00pm Fate of the Flowering Lands (Fate)
Friday 7:00pm Strange Beasts (Call of Cthulhu) (18+)
Friday 9:00pm Roll the Dice!
Friday 9:00pm Card Masters! (Apocalypse)
Saturday 9:00am Pathfinder Organized Play: Bandits of Immedwood
Saturday 9:00am Pathfinder: Revolution on Riverside
Saturday 9:00am Pathfinder Organized Play: Dragons of Absalom
Saturday 9:00am Pathfinder Organized Play: Flooded King’s Court
Saturday 10:00am A Gloom-y Journey (Pokemon Tabletop Adventures)
Saturday 10:00am Saga of the Goblin Horde (Savage Worlds)
Saturday 10:00am WE ARE NOT OURSELVES (Star Trek Adventures)
Saturday 1:00pm Call of Cthulhu with Kristina Carroll
Saturday 1:00pm Star Trek: Horror at Sarkis V
Saturday 1:00pm The Infrared god-bot (Paranoia)
Saturday 1:30pm Pathfinder Organized Play: Trailblazer’s Bounty
Saturday 1:30pm Pathfinder Organized Play: Star-Crossed Voyages
Saturday 1:30pm Pathfinder: Mysteries Under Moonlight
Saturday 1:30pm Starfinder/Pathfinder organized play
Saturday 3:00pm Living Arcanis 5E Intro: A Thousand Words
Saturday 5:00pm Roll the Dice!
Saturday 6:00pm It’s NOT my Fault! (Fate)
Saturday 6:00pm Organized Play: Lost on the Spirit Road
Saturday 6:00pm Pathfinder Organized Play:The Absalom Initiation
Saturday 6:00pm Organized Play: Cats of Catthulhu
Saturday 6:00pm Organized Play: Cyberpunk
Saturday 7:00pm Spirit of the Holiday (Clockwork Dominion)
Saturday 8:00pm Ringrealms of Vagevuur (D&D 5E)
Saturday 8:00pm Savage Worlds: Relics and Rayguns
Sunday 9:00am Starfinder Organized Play: The Withering World
Sunday 9:00am Pathfinder Organized Play: The Mosquito Witch
Sunday 9:00am Pathfinder Organized Play: Star-Crossed Voyages
Sunday 9:00am Pathfinder Organized Play: Escaping the Grave
Sunday 10:00am THE PIERCED VEIL (Star Trek Adventures)
Sunday 1:00pm Just Another Day at School (Little Wizards)
Sunday 1:30pm Pathfinder Organized Play: Bandits of Immedwood
Sunday 1:30pm Pathfinder Organized Play: The Flooded Court
Sunday 1:30pm Pathfinder Organized Play: Slaver’s End
Sunday 1:30pm Pathfinder: Revolution on Riverside
Sunday 2:00pm Savage Worlds: Legion of Liberty
Sunday 3:00pm Living Arcanis 5E Intro Adventure: To Die Alone
Sunday 5:30pm The Dragon’s Disco (D&D 5e)
Sunday 6:00pm Reminiscence Virtua RPG (Apocalypse)
Sunday 6:00pm Pathfinder Organized Play: Players’ Choice
Sunday 6:00pm Pathfinder Organized Play: Trailblazer’s Bounty
Sunday 6:00pm Trailblazer Organized Play: Escaping the Grave
Sunday 6:00pm Pathfinder/Starblazer Organized Play
Sunday 7:00pm Spirit of the Holiday (Clockwork Dominion)
Sunday 8:00pm Ringrealms of Vagevuur (D&D 5E)
Sunday 10:00pm Roll the Dice! (18+)
Monday 9:00am Pathfinder Organized Play: Emerald Spire
Monday 9:00am Pathfinder Organized Play: Escaping the Grave
Monday 10:00am The Fate of Scar Peak (Fate)


Friday 7:00pm Come play Mario Party!
Saturday 3:00pm Super Smash Bros. Tournament
Saturday 8:00pm Jackbox—Quiplash 2
Sunday 11:00am Dance Games
Sunday 3:00pm Mario Kart Tournament
Sunday 8:00pm Jackbox—Joke Boat

Guests of Honor

Saturday 11:30am Cadwell Turnbull Reading
Saturday 1:00pm Cadwell Turnbull Signing
Saturday 7:00pm Arisia’s House of Games


Friday 5:30pm Reading Around the Pictures
Friday 5:30pm Stories from the Cities
Friday 7:00pm Not With My Intellectual Property, You Don’t
Friday 8:30pm Ravenous for The Hunger Games
Friday 10:00pm Circlet Press Reading (18+)
Saturday 10:00am What Makes Reading a Pleasure?
Saturday 2:30pm Whispers in the Dark
Saturday 4:00pm Forget Snape; Let’s Talk Dumbledore!
Saturday 4:00pm Fantastic History
Saturday 5:30pm Feet of Clay, Mind of Light
Saturday 7:00pm Isaac Asimov: Celebrating 100 Years
Saturday 7:00pm Weird New England
Saturday 7:00pm Fiction That Dies Unseen
Saturday 8:30pm Beyond Metaphor: Explicit Representation in SFF
Saturday 8:30pm All Ears For a Good Read
Saturday 8:30pm Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading
Saturday 10:00pm Reading the Rainbow
Saturday 10:00pm End of the Night
Sunday 10:00am Fifty Years After Ringworld
Sunday 11:30am Shakespeare and Fantasy
Sunday 1:00pm I Read It Because I Loved the Movie
Sunday 1:00pm Death and Funerary Practices in Science Fiction
Sunday 2:30pm Libraries of the Future
Sunday 2:30pm Daemons and Dust: the Fiction of Philip Pullman
Sunday 4:00pm The Resurgence of Horror Fiction
Sunday 5:30pm Don’t Call My Book “Science Fiction”
Sunday 7:00pm Talking Cats and Political Rabbits
Sunday 7:00pm In Space, Who Can Hear Your Aria?
Sunday 8:30pm Prototyping the Possible: Social Change in SFF
Monday 11:30am The Fantasy Fiction of John Bellairs
Monday 1:00pm Ray Bradbury at 100: From Green Town to Mars


Friday 5:30pm Introduction to Anime
Friday 7:00pm Our Mr. Whedon
Friday 8:30pm Crisis on (Nearly) Infinite Arrowverse Series
Friday 10:00pm Freaks and Geeks Can Buy Its Own Beer Now
Saturday 8:30am Steven Universe: Still Always Finding A Way
Saturday 10:00am Guillermo del Toro: The Night Eternal
Saturday 11:30am Fifteen Years of Supernatural
Saturday 1:00pm Movie Year in Review
Saturday 2:30pm Box Office Bombs That Are Better Than You Think
Saturday 4:00pm Marvel Cinematic Universe, 2019 Edition
Saturday 7:00pm Let’s Go To The Mall: Stranger Things
Saturday 8:30pm The Orville: Its Continuing Mission
Saturday 10:00pm Rocky Horror: A Wild and Untamed Thing at 45
Sunday 8:30am 1999: The Year Nobody Left The Theater
Sunday 10:00am 2019: The Year in Horror
Sunday 11:30am Captain Marvel Has Nothing To Prove To You
Sunday 1:00pm Tears in Rain: Rutger Hauer
Sunday 1:00pm Welcome to The Good Place! Everything Is Fine.
Sunday 2:30pm Love Is The Message: Pose
Sunday 2:30pm TV Year in Review
Sunday 4:00pm Star Wars: Episode 2020: The Fandom Gabfest
Sunday 5:30pm The Nice and Accurate Ineffability of Good Omens
Sunday 7:00pm Game of Thrones: And Now Our Watch Is Ended
Sunday 8:30pm The Wachowskis and Gender Representation
Sunday 10:00pm Tabletop Gaming as a Spectator Sport
Monday 10:00am Pixar: 25 Years (and Beyond!)
Monday 11:30am Smashing the Like Button on Film Criticism
Monday 1:00pm Where is Star Trek Boldly Going?
Monday 2:30pm Arisia Casting Call: The Fantastic Four


Friday 5:30pm Shabbat Services
Friday 5:30pm Speculative Fiction Writers Cafe
Friday 7:00pm POC Meetup
Friday 8:30pm Arisia First Night Social
Friday 10:00pm Spike MacPhee Memorial
Friday 10:00pm Teasecraft Kinky Maker Meetup: Show & Tell (18+)
Saturday 8:30am Saturday Christian Services
Saturday 1:00pm Cosplay at Hawkins Pool
Saturday 1:00pm In Memoriam
Saturday 2:30pm Tabletop GM Meetup
Saturday 2:30pm Neurodiversity Meetup
Saturday 4:00pm Fans over 65 Meetup
Saturday 4:00pm Fans with Disabilities Meetup
Saturday 5:30pm Gal Pal Gathering- Femslashers unite!
Saturday 5:30pm Artists Collaborate!
Saturday 7:00pm Gender Non-Binary Mixer & Safe Space
Saturday 8:30pm Meetup to Play Board Games
Saturday 8:30pm Polyamory Meetup
Saturday 10:00pm Late Night Writers Cafe
Saturday 10:00pm The Arisia Munch (18+)
Sunday 8:30am Sunday Christian Services
Sunday 10:00am Parents of teens/tweens meetup
Sunday 10:00am Pokemon Go and Wizards Unite Meetup
Sunday 4:00pm Recovery Check-In
Sunday 4:00pm Geocaching and letterboxing meetup
Sunday 8:30pm Indie RPG meetup
Monday 10:00am Parents with Infants & Toddlers Meetup
Monday 11:30am Asexuality-Umbrella Meetup
Monday 1:00pm Scale Modeling the Fantastic: Real and Fictional


Friday 5:30pm SCA Bardic Circle
Friday 7:00pm Sing-along: Yiddish Songs
Friday 8:30pm Sing-along: CircleSinging
Friday 10:00pm Sing-along: Gilbert and Sullivan Songs
Friday 10:00pm Open Singing
Friday 10:00pm Drum & Dance
Friday 11:30pm Singing Into the Night
Saturday 11:30am Singing in the Pool
Saturday 2:30pm Sing-along: Instrument-Friendly Classic Songs
Saturday 4:00pm Traditional Ballad Bingo
Saturday 5:30pm Songs of Rudyard Kipling
Saturday 7:00pm Sing To Your Friends
Saturday 8:30pm Rousing Chorus Songs
Saturday 10:00pm Open Singing
Saturday 11:30pm Singing Into the Night
Sunday 10:00am Songs of Protest and Resistance
Sunday 11:30am Chantey Sing
Sunday 2:30pm Sing-along: Hamilton Songs
Sunday 4:00pm Sing-along: Songs of Tom Lehrer
Sunday 7:00pm Sing-along: Dr. Demento & Friends
Sunday 8:30pm Good Story Songs
Sunday 10:00pm Sing-along: Musicals and Show Tunes
Sunday 10:00pm Open Singing
Sunday 11:30pm Singing Into the Night
Monday 10:00am Songwriting Round-table
Monday 11:30am Sing-along: Schoolhouse Rock
Monday 1:00pm Sing-along: Funny Songs
Monday 2:30pm Music Track Debrief
Monday 3:00pm Dead Dog Open Filk


Saturday 10:00am Arisia Town Hall
Saturday 10:00am Becoming Active Bystanders
Saturday 1:00pm Con Safety: The Watch, IRT & What Comes Next
Sunday 10:00am How Arisia Inc. Works
Sunday 11:30am Meet the Eboard
Monday 1:00pm State of Arisia Community Update


Friday 5:30pm SF Language & Linguistics: The Good, Bad, & Ugly
Friday 7:00pm The Collective You—Your Biome
Friday 8:30pm Cope vs. Marsh – the Bone Wars
Friday 9:30pm Dramatic Readings from the Ig Nobel Prizes
Saturday 10:00am Machine Learning, Now with Human Biases!
Saturday 11:30am Foodcraft: How Science Can Reinvent Your Kitchen
Saturday 5:30pm Still Waiting For My Food Pills
Saturday 7:00pm Biohacks, Implants, & Other Internal Accessories
Sunday 10:00am Bio for Computer Scientists: Programming Life
Sunday 11:30am Just the Facts: Telomeres and Aging
Sunday 2:30pm The Year in Science—2019
Sunday 4:00pm The Year in Bad Science—2019
Sunday 4:00pm Just the Facts: CRISPR and Gene-Hacking
Sunday 5:30pm The Science of “The Expanse”
Sunday 7:00pm A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Wine, and Anthrax
Sunday 8:30pm The Return of Is This A Sandwich?
Monday 10:00am Everyone’s Going Back to the Moon
Monday 2:30pm Understanding How Guns Work and Their History


Friday 7:30pm The MRS. HAWKING series: Mrs. Frost
Friday 11:00pm Rocky Horror—Shiver with Antici...pation (18+)
Saturday 11:30am Bad Ad Hoc Hypotheses
Saturday 2:00pm Catalyze Short Play Readings
Saturday 3:00pm Princess Bride—Shadowcast Performance
Saturday 6:00pm The MRS. HAWKING Series: Fallen Woman
Saturday 9:30pm PMRP Doors Open
Saturday 10:00pm PMRP Gender-Swapped Star Trek: By Any Other Name
Saturday 11:00pm Get Thee Behind Me, Santa (18+)
Sunday 12:00am Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog
Sunday 1:30am Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling
Sunday 8:30pm Starship Magic


Friday 7:45pm Captain Marvel
Friday 10:00pm Edward Scissorhands
Friday 11:45pm Rollerball
Saturday 8:00am Animaniacs
Saturday 10:00am Ducktales: The Treasure of the Golden Suns Arc
Saturday 4:00pm Godzilla vs Destroyah
Saturday 5:45pm X-Men (2000)
Saturday 7:30pm Real Genius
Saturday 9:30pm Ad Astra
Saturday 11:45pm Waterworld
Sunday 8:00am Emperor’s New Groove
Sunday 9:30am Tiny Toon Adventures
Sunday 11:00am Pinky and the Brain
Sunday 4:30pm Ultraman (1966)
Sunday 6:30pm Dragonslayer
Sunday 8:30pm 12 Monkeys
Sunday 10:45pm Return of the Living Dead
Monday 12:15am Tank Girl
Monday 8:00am Lilo and Stitch
Monday 11:15am Audience Choice


Friday 5:30pm Figure Drawing: Basics and Creativity
Friday 7:00pm Make Your Own Wings for Grown-ups
Friday 8:30pm Blockprinting
Saturday 10:00am Hands-on (or Hands-off) Theremin Workshop
Saturday 10:00am Bullet Journaling for Geeks
Saturday 11:30am Figure Drawing: Cosplay edition
Saturday 11:30am Techniques for Body Positive Cosplay
Saturday 1:00pm Decorate a Mini-Hat/Fascinator
Saturday 2:30pm Gravity Defying Headdresses Using EVA Foam
Saturday 4:00pm Bling It On!
Saturday 5:30pm Soldering 101
Saturday 7:00pm Writers’ Improv
Saturday 8:30pm Blockprinting
Saturday 10:00pm Rope Fundamentals (18+)
Sunday 10:00am Paint Your Own Suits! Using Fabric Paint
Sunday 11:30am Redesign It!
Sunday 11:30am Create a Telephone Wire Tree
Sunday 1:00pm Graphic Novel Writing
Sunday 4:00pm Make a Watercolor Sunset
Monday 10:00am ”Figure Writing” with a Live Writing Prompt
Monday 2:30pm Simple Solutions for Creative Project Pitfalls


Friday 5:30pm Where Shall I Begin?
Friday 7:00pm Starters’ Pack for Science Fiction
Friday 8:30pm Starters’ Pack for Fantasy Fiction
Friday 10:00pm Earn Your Ending
Saturday 10:00am Economic Speculations
Saturday 5:30pm What Sort of Writer are You?
Saturday 7:00pm Dungeons, Dragons, and Writers: The Return
Saturday 8:30pm Writing With The Rainbow
Saturday 10:00pm Rewarding a Reader’s Expectations
Sunday 10:00am The Ethics of Writing Speculative Fiction
Sunday 11:30am Get Rec’d! Books for Aspiring Writers
Sunday 1:00pm Character Writing Helpline
Sunday 2:30pm Writing in Brief
Sunday 5:30pm Shop Talk: Being a Writer in 2020
Sunday 5:30pm Writers React to Bad Writing
Sunday 7:00pm Bringing Horror into Other Genres
Sunday 8:30pm Time to Bring Back Some Tropes?
Sunday 8:30pm Let’s Write Together!
Sunday 10:00pm Story Pitch Challenge
Monday 10:00am Writers Assemble! Writing with a Group
Monday 1:00pm Writing About Disabilities: A Holistic Approach
Monday 2:30pm Using New England in Speculative Literature?
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