Arisia'20 is over. Please visit the new convention site: www.arisia.org.

Arisia attendees have many options for food both on- and off-site. Although we try to keep the information on this website and in our guides up to date, prices, menus, and hours for things not run by Arisia may change.

Food Inside Hotels

The Westin has a variety of options on its premises. We have a Food in the Westin guide for most of them. In addition, the Westin allows personal delivery of food from some services. See the Concierge Desk for menus of participating restaurants. All guest rooms in the Westin come with refrigerators, and guests may bring personal food to eat in their rooms; please do not take personal food into the Westin public areas.

The Social Register at the Aloft has closed. Alma Gaucho Prime Brazilian Steakhouse will replace it, but unfortunately not until the beginning of February 2020. The hotel bar "W XYZ" offers appetizers as well as drinks.

Food Outside Hotels

Arisia usually publishes a Restaurant Guide, which has information on, and maps for, many of the restaurants around and near the Westin, as well as in adjacent districts of Boston. (Since the Guide was last updated around Arisia 2018, please make use of phone and internet to verify that the restaurants listed there are still open, and what their hours of operation during Arisia 2020 will be.) The Guide is available online this year. A shared copy of the Restaurant Guide is also available at the Info desk; please help it stay there for everyone to use.

For a list of restaurants open after 1:30am, please see our Late Night Food page.

Food Organized by Arisia

Arisia provides attendees with the options described below. If you have questions about food organized by Arisia please check with the person in charge of the area.

Green Room

Arisia program participants, staff members, and accredited members of the Press may get food in the Green Room. Please display your badge and relevant ribbon prominently so we can let you in.

Green Room food will be appropriate to the time of day: breakfast-like foods in the morning, lunch-like foods mid-day, and some more substantial foods at dinnertime. The Green Room is not intended to be a substitute for regular meals; rather, it is a service for those who make the convention happen and so cannot always take time to get meals that require waiting in line or outside travel.

The Green Room is also a place for program participants to socialize, relax, and organize. Please keep your conversation appropriate and help the staff by cleaning up your area before you leave. Please do not take food out of the Green Room.

There is a separate Green Room for Masquerade participants and crew on Sunday night.

Con Suite

The Arisia Convention Suite is a relaxation and conversation area adjacent to the Dealers Room. Con Suite is open 24 hours and serves light snacks and drinks throughout. The Con Suite is open to all attendees - your badge must be visibly worn in order to enter.

Con Suite food is not intended to be meal-like, though we do strive to provide healthy alternatives alongside candy and soda. Please do not take any food or drink out of the Con Suite area.

Food Trucks

Arisia is pleased once again to host food trucks for mid-day meals. The food trucks are open to all attendees as well as members of the public. The trucks will be parked in the designated areas outside the lower lobby of the Westin (down the hall from Registration). Boston in January can be chilly, so please wear appropriate clothing for standing in line outside. The food trucks set their own menus and availability and may not take all forms of payment.

Saturday 11am - 4:30pm
Sunday 11am - 4:30pm
Monday 11am - 3pm

















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